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About Of Eros with a tantric aspiration

There are many things in the description of the training you can not add. And that is why sometimes for someone the most important thing stays unsolved. We decided to ask some questions Darya Gabl, author and presenter of the training “Tantra sexuality: Breath of Eros” (next treining starts Feb 11 in Mandrem, Goa), to clarify the piquant topic of the training.
– Daria, tell us why this training is called “Breath of Eros”?
– Seminar has appeared as a response to the request of those who go to Tantra. Tantrikas usually fall into two categories:there are too much sex on Tantra for one group, and for others – too little. Courageous, advanced practitioners are not afraid of the topic of sexuality and eroticism, and some want to disclose not only the heart, but also the power of theirs sexual energy. In addition, questions about sexual life, as it turns out, is not only for beginners, but also experienced tantric. So I decided to make a purely sexual Tantra.

– What do you use in the practice of this training?
I use Taoist, tantric, therapeutic, Osho”s practices that work directly with the subject of sex.
– As far as directly?
– Quite openly, but at the same time delicate. We work with touch, with naked body, with our sexual fantasies, sexual taboos and fears through meditation, theater, dance, massage, let slip. Each practice is composed so as not to violate the moral principles and social rules in our society. In other words,There is not a direct sexual contact during the training. Although we work in order to realize the artificiality and unnaturalness many sexual patterns, which we adhere to in life.
– What is the most extreme in the training for the participants?
– The most extreme is to dive into the feelings. Many, especially those who are not for the first time in the Tantra, or those who visit nudist sauna, nudist beaches, easily exposed. But our task is not bare, but to feel that we are currently prohibited by virtue of education, religion, political views on sex.
– And what conclusions are waiting for the participants?
– During the training, we meet with our truth and united with it to integrate it into life later . Often, you will find the answers in your body, which does not agree with your brain. Those are a risk and a danger and a gift at the same time ! Therefore, this seminar is for couples as a challenge and a transformation, and a healing … and it’s sooo extreme.

Does it mean that after the training, participants will step over social norms easily ?
– The task of Tantra is to remove the tension that emerged in our body and mind, when formed our sexuality when parents hang tags on our genitals,, when religion imposed sex only in the missionary position and only after marriage and to conceive children ,when politicians popularized sex based solely on animal instincts. As a result of the training on the one hand the participant receives a sensual, responsive body that easily carries the sexual energy, and approaching the ability to reach orgasm valley. On the other hand, he stops to cary about sex, freeing up space in his mind for love, creativity, and social achievements.
But many psychologists, sexologists, therapists are involved into this. Why do we need training, working with sexuality so directly?
– We can read a lot, visualize, verbalize, but the body will continue to live with its old patterns. We have no influence on the body through the head so totally as its necessary. At the seminar we work with energy, exercising the body and at the same time relax it to become more sensual and flowing – and you will not do it in psychologist armchair. Similar trainings complement the work of sexologists (if a person has underlying problems, he will need individual therapy), and integrate the acquired knowledge into practice.
– Why this training is not allowed for newcomers?
– Today tantra consider to be something greasy, immoral, because they call swing clubs, brothels with this term . In fact Tantra is love, freedom, tenderness, high status, that have no relation to what we are accustomed to think of sex. Participants of the “Eros” should be able to easily translates attention to sexual stimulation to the heart. I give during the training called “Breath of Love” the understanding of cordiality, the release of the body, stress relief, work with attention and awareness, the training and if you go through it than the participants (and not all) can enroll into “Eros”.
– Is it advisable to come to a training one, if you do not have a partner or if your partner does not want to apply?
– Yes, many do. Especially men who are afraid to tell their partner they go to Tantra. But very often the next training they come together. And I am happy to notice that more and more couples come to Tantra. And this is the beginning of a new relationship based on a true love, trust and depth of sexuality.
– And can you share with your own achievements ?
– I have a happy life with my partner, with whom we go through all the stages of building relationships, giving a freshness, originality, passion and desire. In our life, we have a lot of passion, a lot of feelings, a lot of surprises and a lot of delicious bright sex!

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