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About tantric sex and not only about it …

Today I’m just ready to talk for 60 minutes only about what tantra is.
Natasha We are shy to pronounce these things just like the word sex, and we are not shy to work with these things very easily, we treat this very naturally.
L.Can you give understanding in simple words for a simply person what tantra is ?
Dasha It is not what you can read in Wikipedia)))
L. Many people have equated or synonymous that Tantra is Kama Sutra
D. people do not appreciate they do not contribute that tantra is a spiritual experience, it is the energy of connection with both God and yourself and your partner and sex is different and dinner is different.
L. Do you know who tossed firewood? Those different strip clubs or even clubs that are called tantric clubs or tantra clubs.
N. Tantra is everything, it uses absolutely any practice for self improvement of a person. But there is always one small filter as you do it consciously and then you are really to get a qualitative experience and you can transform this experience for a future life, a transition to a new level.
D. Our upbringing, morality, culture of behavior is new for a person but it has so thoroughly cleansed all that spirituality, a connection with yours body
N.What if we imagine that our body is a spiritual growth of a person then legs is Ayurveda it is a place where we accumulate a lot of information, the trunk is yoga when we discipline ourselves, and the tantra is the head.
L. There are so many things on the market that you just do not understand where you need to go , and in fact you can chose both tantra and meditation and yoga
D. And a strip club))))
N. Sometimes such time comes that you have so much awareness that you can drop all knowledge all the information
L. People who will watch this show they are still at the level of familiarity with what tantra is.
D. When people just will see each other, hear each other. They will listen each other with heart. This is what you pass through your heart and body, this is when you have hair stands up on your body when you look at the same woman you’ve been looking for 10 years but you still look at her with all your body, in any action, in any ongoing story. Beautiful studio, leading, light – this is the buzz of life! Another quality of life.
L. Is Tantra the path of fearless?
D. Tantrist in general is a practitioner who is different from a non-practitioner that he does not hang in this state. If it’s bad – well, its okay.
L Can Tantra be dangerous?
D.When we get married or go to work that brings money, a man who is profitable for a given period of time, a good father, a good family.
N. Tantra is just saying the opposite – it is very much about women. This is a female religion! In the tantra, the woman is the Deity. In tantra, a woman through herself is a partner first of all i.e. the partner here is first of all ceases to be a goal, it becomes an instrument of self-knowledge.
D. It is Awake itself, its body for the senses.
L. We know that woman is always ready for something new, to go to try to find out there, and the man by himself first goes to the rejection of everything new and when he sees that it works then maybe he will go there, but it is not a fact.
D. A woman gives her pleasure,her enjoyment to a man without doing something for him, caressing and caressing him, and being herself in such a high state of pleasure, a man looks at her, admires and live by her feelings. This is a feeling of joy, ecstasy.
N. We are in the majority, many of us live at the level of our lower centers, that is why when we take this energy and let it be in the body, when we accept our sexuality without hiding it, do not suppress it, but let it move on, then we can discover in ourselves those things that give us pleasure. In addition to sex, we have not discovered these things for ourselves yet .
D. See Shakti in this woman, see Shiva in this man. See perfection and divinity in your partner .
N. The fact that in other religions is taken as the ultimate point of perfection, in Tantra is taken as the starting point, we understand that we are already here and now is a perfect being.
L. When I was preparing for this broadcast then my colleagues, it is not important, Russia or Ukraine, and so they all who conducted broadcasts on a similar topic were very shy to talk about it. Is the theme of Tantra really so delicate? And why in our post Soviet era put an equal sign or a synonym for the words Tantra and Kama Sutra are the same. As far as I understood, these are completely different things.
N. Tantra is a huge philosophy, a whole worldview system, it’s a practice that helps a person to improve himself in life and that many people pronounce Tantric sex with aspiration, this is just one tiny part that allows a person to develop his sexual energy. Because in Tantra we do not talk about sex as such. We are talking about the use of sexual energy which is the basis of our universe, the foundation of our life. If you drop a little deeper, you can find medical explanations how it happens in the body. Our people immediately attached the image of Tantric sex and it was immediately attributed to the Kama Sutra !!! And we pull this image, feel embarrassed for some reason to pronounce these things just like the word sex.
D. Tantra is a practice for a person and whether this practice is sexual or it will be practice of meditation, awareness and prayers. One presence just looking into the eyes it can be Tantra no matter what kind it is. This is any practice. Why then when they say about Tantric seminars, the practitioners take away the interaction, do not bring in the fact that this is a spiritual experience. And with this energy of connecting with God by himself.
N. In Tantra, we do not care what you do, but it’s important in what state you do it. Whatever you do, do it consciously! And then the quality of life can become Tantric. We say that Tantrik is that cat every day doing something that it did not do before but does it consciously. Dive into the hole for the first time in my life – it will be very tantric!
L. So those people who did not study Tantra in fact they are already tantric?
N. Of course! Tantra is the only word that can be applied to everything … It uses any practices for self-improvement of a person. But if you do this not consciously, it becomes just a small coin in your life.
L. Let’s conduct here such an interesting series. We very often wonder what is meditation, yoga, Tantra? Why do I now want to put these words side by side, because these concepts have now risen very strongly to the surface. Do people try to understand for themselves this new?
D. This is completely not new, but rather ancient
L. Yes, this is not new for you, but there are a lot of people who are faced with this for the first time.
D. It is even older than culture and social education. It has so thoroughly cleansed all that spirituality and connection with its body, earth, nature, that it seems to us that this ancient is a completely new!
L. You will probably find it funny to hear from beginners that Tantra is yoga or meditation, or a series of exercises that you need to do so that the back does not hurt. Some people are in search and we met here today for them. I know you as super professionals who can not only transfer this knowledge in practice but also explain. Because it is important for a person to understand with the head, to hear what it is and then to come there. In fact, all these things yoga tantra meditation is in our lives from the very childhood and we do not practice this consciously.
N. Of course! This is when you start to do it not according to the laws, but according to the laws internal. Osho said: they are not needed when a person has awareness! Tantra is not a theory. Many people read books, but they have a consensus in their minds why it does not work in life?!. And we practice at seminars and only then we have a question in the head why? And during practice we get answers.
D. If you are aware, let’s say this is a relationship of 5-7 years of marriage and we bring our own connection with ourselves and our body, with our partner, when we look at it, to his eyes, his heart, and there is nothing to distract him , Interrupted his attention, here is this fuss when a guy with a girl on the first date, he looks around the side she looks at the phone in this there is no Tantra, there is no meeting !!! The same meeting, the same meeting can be turned into a tantric one, when people will simply see each other, hear with their heart, breathe. It’s a kind of practice, an effort to stay together. Any sex that you have been practicing for 5 years with your husband / wife in one of the evenings can be turned into a tantric one, when there will be just so much attention, breathing and presence. It is Tantra in a real life. This is what you are missing through your body.
N. Dasha reminded me, when I lived in Kharkov, we conducted city dating, there were several meetings when we held them, starting with the couple sitting down at the table and they did not even call their names but just looked into their partner’s eyes for a few minutes.
Q. Is it difficult for people to look into eyes?
N. Yes, but it was so unusual, great. And then only on the next lap they touched the hand and only then on the third lap they told their name, got acquainted. I still have followers who still use this technique in their meetings. They transform them not just into acquaintance, but into an energy exchange, an exchange of presence.
D. At the seminars you can clearly see when newcomers come, because part of the group is a long time practicing, and some absolute beginners,and it is very difficult for them to do the first steps to look into the eyes ….
L. Many psychologists say that if a person crosses his arms or does not look into your eyes, then he is lying to you, but wait for the guys it’s even funny.
D. Now it’s just not even accepted to look into the eyes. This is even considered bad form.
L. When I was in India, for me one of the lessons that I took from local residents, they do not hesitate to look. In English there is such a term (to stare), and we are not used to it, immediately the thought that I’m probably somewhere soiled or I have something wrong there. Osho wrote that meditation is simply solitude, when a person eats and just feels the taste of this food. And he does not think about anything else. So do not think this is meditation already!
N. Of course. I now caught myself thinking that I’m looking into your eyes and at the same time I manage to keep track of my body, the excitement, the creepy body that runs through the skin. And I can do all this at the same time. This is the extension of the borders in Tantra. This is Tantra.
L. I realized that in the Tantra theme there is no clear definition of what Tantra is. For an ordinary person who just wants to google .
D. This is not what is written on the Internet, not what the teacher or guru will tell you. Tantra is exactly what you will feel inside of your body. This is the excitement, the excitement and the energy that you will feel in yourself when interacting with something. Tantrist is the person who gets inspiration from everything he does from everything that causes him energy. This is the thrill of life in everything. And negative energy or what we have come up with (bad weather, disgruntled husband, not obedient children), this is not all a seal of the bad. It’s just energy, just that kind of state. You see it you do not hang, you do not connect to this negative. There are a lot of people who do Tantra , they hang on kaif.
L. I found the wording Tantra is path of the fearless. In one of your interviews, did you say that Tantra can be dangerous?
D. I said this in one of my interviews, Tantra may be dangerous for couples. For people who live in a lie within themselves, when we live life out of the mind. When we get married because it’s right, when you’re with a man because he’s comfortable for you. I had a couple who after 25 years of marriage came into practice and they understood that they are completely different people. They have not had sex for a long time, there is no energy, they are like vegetables. Many people consider this to be normal, but okay, and who after 20 years of marriage has sex ?! I observed these people in 3-4 years. Yes, they divorced. The woman began to engage in a completely different kind of activity. The man lost 15 kg, he started a new youth. They would have lived “as if happily.” Tantra on one side destroyed their marriage, but on the other hand connected with themselves. With its truth and people began to develop.
N. I want to say that when I first went to the Tantra, I was very scared. Because I loved and I love my husband. At that time, we were only two years together and I already began to feel that we are at a dead end. After the first seminar, I thought that I would greatly change. I came home very loving and inspired. It was scary to invite my husband to the next seminar, I thought he would also change a lot. And I thought that suddenly he was falling out of love with me now. But we are together in a joint and in a desire to move forward together through a partner in the study of ourselves. Partner ceases to matter as a goal, he becomes an instrument in the study of himself! And at this moment when I begin to fill myself through a partner, I become much more valuable to him.
L. Are Sex and sexuality two different things? In the Soviet Union, there was no sex, but it’s not clear how the children were born?) We were taught that a woman should give a man pleasure but not get it.
N. Tantra is just saying the opposite. We work with the female energies of the earth, if we talk with esoteric terms. A woman is a deity for the man to whom she serves.
D. But this does not mean that someone is more important.
N. It all starts with a woman, she can teach a man to have fun, teach him to be relaxed. And the man he came down relieved and left. Sex may not have an ending, it can be a long stay together and it does not matter if they have sexual contact.
L. And in Tantra, is this called sex?
D. In Tantra everything is called sex)))
N. Even now we are exchanging sexual energy.
D. Any action that occurs in the Tantric pair does not end. Sex does not end even when they are just lying on the couch watching a movie. And while they can get an orgasm.
N. The most interesting is that sex about which we know in the usual society, it ceases to be valuable.
L. Does sex disappear?
N. No, it just rises to the same level as other values.
L. How do you separate the notion of sex / sexuality and how to convey to the viewer’s awareness that a person is simply obliged for himself to disclose and develop his sexuality, for the quality of everyday life. For what would be delicious to eat, consciously drink to see what is happening around and understand these colors. You know that there are a lot of people who are near the computer notice the beauty (this is the lake, and this tree). For some reason, being in a botanical garden colors, the pictures are lost, and we can not see what the photographer tells us.
D. It’s not about the little beauty around, it’s not an awakened person. Those who come to Tantra, I see how awakening is. When a person awakens himself for the senses. And sexuality is on the 10th place, here until the turn comes. From the beginning you need to learn to look in your eyes, then feel yourself, awaken your sexuality, and only then get pleasure,joy, energy from it. 80% of the population spend time at the computer, in the head. How can they awaken their bodies? At the seminar, when I ask you what you feel, a person begins to tell what he thinks. On the 5th time asking a question people start telling stories from the head, I call them not awakened. And for a woman it’s just a disaster. The most precious thing is that she has her body and the functions of her only being here, kaif and give the man her feelings. A woman gives a man her pleasure, not doing for him something, and being herself in a high sense of pleasure, a man looks and admires her. Eats her feelings of joy and fullness, bliss, orgasm. That’s where the goodies are. Many people move into yoga, Tantra, meditation and just massages. Now massage yo and massage with a lingam is not just a sphere of satisfaction, it’s normal, natural things.
L. What is Shiva and Shakti?
D. It is the energy of man and woman. Adding here esoteric, spirituality, we say to see in this woman Shakti, see in this man Shiva. See in your partner perfection, divinity all that beauty, energy that is in a man. These are all the men in the world before you.
N. Tantra has such a feature, it really clings people first to know their sexuality, and when people come they understand what it is and what they can do with it, and not just satisfy their lower centers, use this energy for love, In creativity, in making money in space knowledge and in anything you like. Just take this energy and use it. Most of us live in clamped-up energy in the lower centers (Chakral system of the Hindu 7 centers) So it’s safer to keep people, because then they will not jump too high and do not fall too low. We stay at the level of the first, second level of survival and pleasure, higher energy is already rising with difficulty. Therefore, when we accept the energy we miss and give it the opportunity to be in the body, we can discover in ourselves those things that give us real pleasure. We just did not open these things for ourselves because we are brewing in the lower classes. If this is summarized in Tantra man is already a perfect being, and he is now responsible for everything that happens. He lives in the world he created, attracted the partner he created, which means these partners are perfect for me, because I’m already a god and what I’m doing absolutely. And if you do not like, then what happens in your world take and change everything, you all can you are the same gods!
L. Thank you all clearly and understandable. Only simple words can motivate a person to go and try. What would he understand that this is what a person has been looking for so long, that he has been tortured for so long!

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