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Do what you must, come what may

Do what you must, come what may
(Taoist proverb)

Nathalie Tantris Yeremenko

Have you noticed that the transition to a new level happens when you finish the current process of life with love ?
Well, for example, you get a long-awaited green card, when a chic renovation just finished in your new 4-room Kiev apartment. Or in your life a man of your dreams appears when you finally adopted the “shortcomings” of that person you lived nearby for many years. And your hobby suddenly starts to bring income when you stop spending nerves to hold on unloved work but with good income on.
And an unfortunate first thought: Well, why would this not happen earlier? There would be “superfluous” movements. And so much effort would be saved! … Rarely idea comes up that everything was okay, that everything has its own pattern.
Taoists say, Do what you must, come what may. It means stop to strain , to control the universe, thinking that somewhere there is a more suitable option for you. Give yourself totally to a present moment!
Living with a partner live the best relationships with him in the world at this moment . There are not others . After all, when you are looking at him and think about how it could be, or what is out there waiting for you another, more perfect man, you will not have relationships – not with this, a couple with whom there you or your energy, nor the fact that is just not that attractive. In my life it was so: It took years to attempt to “crush” the husband under your templates before you came to him unconditional love and acceptance. And as soon as there was the click (it happens immediately, but notice it is impossible), I came into my life who became my ideal, which I knew 2 years even allowing for the thought that we could be close, and with which we are already more than 10 years together. Easily. No quarrels and suffering. Without wishing to change each other. By opening itself to a new next to each other every day.
Creative energy is asking for freedom. It wants to be expressed realized. And when you clamp it inside, it is sealed, requires pressing expectations, claims over control. Tension is growing and seeks out ranging pressed people around and the whole world. The world answers with resistance. You want and you are pushed away. You seek and it escapes from you. You squash and they break you . You learn, you are indicated it’s time to change.
Once you go through the lesson, life turns back to face you. You’re relaxed. You do not accumulate charge and easily relieves stress, doing the current case as if it were in your favorite. And energy is no longer rages, not tearing you apart, and flows gently, like a river moving through the bed of least resistance. And sooner or later you get into a long-awaited ocean, where there is everything: wholeness, harmony, strength, abundance, ownership, adoption and the infinite bliss of being.
But first, you give freedom to energy, transforming the everyday processes into creation. Without thinking without making plans. Just listening to where it is ready to move now and not appreciating that it will give you in the future. Energy wants you to grow to new heights. And if you did not grow up voluntarily, it starts you “grind” without your consent. Because the way you have now – awkward, clumsy, narrow-minded – you will not enter into new twist channel: you will stay on the first boulder, exploding inside with impatience, resentment and anger, there is no direct road. And ahead of the sparkling ocean, ready to take you all – soft, flowing and happy or evil, beaten and crippled. You have no choice WHERE to go. There is a choice, HOW.

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