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The lens of spiritual transformation

Completely any choice of the person has two sides, like a medal. There is no right or wrong choice. It is an essence of Tantra for me. It does not matter what choice you make, the most important thing is that you’re doing it consciously. And then it gives you a spiritual growth.
Your heart can be injured, and you can choose to close or continue to live with an open heart. If you choose the first, you can have two reasons. The first reason is unconscious: I do not want to believe to anyone anymore because I do not want to suffer anymore. Second one is conscious, I came to my limit, and It is still too early for me to move on to the pain.

If you choose the second one, you should watch what this openness brings to you. Does it look like a masochistic choice (they beat you, and you get pleasure from pain), or each new wound helps you expand, learn to incorporate into its limitless space and the pain that is being transformed, relieves you from the cause. In the first case, your trial will never end. If second would happen, you should watch the pain and be conscious.

And then you will either cease to respond to it, because the splinter is already removed out of your mind, or this situation will not happen again. But new lessons will start – they will be no less interesting. And each of them you will be less and less involved in the response and more surprised: “Oh, how interesting! So, where is another clue hidden ?. Let’s face it better … ”
And then it becomes clear that mistakes do not happen. There are unfinished homework assignments that will be repeated for as long as you do not find the strength to see them through the main lens of spiritual transformation – awareness.

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