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The spiritual practice of tantric massage

There was my two-and-a-half-day seminar on Tantric massage in Nikolaev. The farther away, the more I love to lead this practice. On the one hand it gives the delight of unity of man and woman, the long-awaited body contact and residence of deep intimacy. On the other it becomes the starting point for many people in the studying Tantra in its broadest aspect, and self-development in general. Tantric massage is like a sweet cherry on the cake, that attracts, forcing to eat a whole piece.
Sexual energy is the strongest and that is why the most understandable for human. You can not entice with promises of heavenly bliss in a monastery or ashram, but you can easily be interested in lowland energetic orgasms and sexual wishful of the opposite sex. Because according to imagining of philistine orgasm is the highest point of human happiness Meditation, samadhi, nirvana are an empty sounds for him. But starting to work with sexual energy, we open up a new source of pleasure, which are generally not about sex, but they are directly related to the transformation of the soul. People often come to Tantra for exotic sexual practices, and then begin to move on the spiritual path.
At the beginning of my tantric “career” I devoted much time to the study of massage, work with confidence to the partner through massages, practice with touches. And the thoughts did not attend me about the dark retreats, vipassana or yoga. But after a few years of Kundalini yoga kriyas, working with inner contemplation and auric interaction buzz deliver no less than the physical body contact. And often even more. Because as more you practice , the more energy you feel. And they somehow actually a little – or rather, one. Sexual. It is creative, it is the energy of love, it is about connecting with space and meeting Internal man and woman. Manifesting itself in different centers in different ways, it is as it was, and it still is the energy of life. But it is easier to learn everything from the lower centers – where sex , desire, enjoyment, togetherness lives. And then return it from time to time “full circle” to see, to feel, to understand how much you have changed during your spiritual journey.
And then the circle will close. The energy that gave you a start to the rapid growth, becoming the final exam ticket, and you can pass it only using all your knowledge : to be able to give and receive love, to be able to trust the partner to realize its borders and declare them the ability to “read” the partner without words do not do anything extra, fitting in the movement of the partner, be in the presence of himself and at the same time to include in your space of others, go to the contact with no expectations, to engage themselves, remain in the body in the present moment and be able to focus totally. And then the sexual energy becomes the vehicle for God, with each turn of introducing you to a new level of consciousness, and with each meeting giving partners a growing enthusiasm, joy, bliss and sense of the sacred Union.


Nathalie Tantris Yeremenko

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