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There are no accidents

There was a ring before woman’s holiday on March 8 . Nina called me from Dnepropetrovsk ,one of the participants ,from our January trip to Goa. We went together to the festival of yoga and tantra massage YoTa-fest in Arambol. Nina suddenly said after warm greetings , “You know,Natasha, this festival changed my life. .Do you remember Pierre from France, I met him there? This is the man I’ve been waiting for the last 15 years. I am going to marry him! ”
Some people would probably say it is a miracle. And others will notice that there are no coincidences. Life is always organizes all the best way for us … The main thing is to believe it.
Nina called me two months before the beginning of the festival and asked to issue a ticket. Two weeks before departure, her mother died. And Nina has decided to abandon the trip. We have discussed that it will not be easy to return ticket back and she said, “Well, let’s not guessing: if it will happen – then it will happen.” Nina managed to send documents for a visa, after spending nine days in the country after the death of her mother. Fortunately, the children supported by advising to go to relax after a hard loss.

At the airport, the internal resistance was felt Nina. How else can I explain her that I could not find her documents in my bag for a long time? The whole group has had agitated. She could not hide her inner feelings being a friendly-looking and cheerful.
No wonder they say India is a country of miracles. Within days of psychic wound started to tighten: ayurvedic massages, tours, meditation, ocean surf turned Nina to the other woman to easy, relaxed, cheerful. She was remembered her mother not with so much pain, but with warmth and gratitude.
A few days before leaving, she met a man on the beach. He is interesting solid. I saw him for the first time, when our group was leaving the plane. He came to send her off and was a little sad, apart from our fun, satiated exotic Indian companies.
He came to Nina to Dnepropetrovsk after his staying to Goa. He offered her his hand and heart. And she agreed. And soon, in our country, one high school teacher will be less, and in France for one beautiful woman will be more… Nina chose so.
The world changes, we change. Every day we pick ourselves in a new way, in a new incarnation. And once we decide who we are today: a victim of circumstances or minion of fortune, a member of the society or just a woman. It is simply just to want. The possibility is always near. It is enough for us just to see them and take the first step. And everything goes well.

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