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Tantrics are not hiding behind a chair leg.

Nathalie Yeremenko

Tantrics call a spade a spade. They do not build illusions.
My first Tantra’s teacher Leo Teternikov used to say so . I have not heard more precise and clearer wording from anybody else. And this is what non Tantrics can not agree with. Lev Ivanovich once told about one deputy in the City Council, whom he proposed to begin to build a relationship with her husband in the spirit of Tantra, based on the rules that your partner is the clairvoyant, and it means now there is no need to lie, to hide the truth and to play up to him. And he heard her emotional response: “Yes, God forbid to live so!”
We survive the Age of Pisces, when the ability to slip out of different situations welcomed at all levels, from government leaders to domestic conflicts. Even the relationship with your own soul is much easier to build through the substitution of inner values generally accepted norms than painstakingly explore its depths, pain and joy. We were taught to smile when it hurts, trust the head when the body’s signaling quite the opposite, to set and achieve goals imposed by the TV, the school and the parents do not trust theirs own desires.
And therefore typical marriages where the wife or husband every day impose competing claims without having the courage to admit that the relationship came to an end . And spending time and energy on the rehabilitation of a bad job, do not leave yourself a chance to create a new format of relations based not on love and passion, but on friendship and trust, trust to those who was honest, even at the risk of causing yourself and your partner pain.
We are inherent to cement ourselves in a previous day. We remember every day our financial success we had 5 years ago, thinking that sooner or later we will return to the same level, and in another 5 years we will discover that you have not made a single step toward success during all these years. Because the energy is gone. Creativity, love and joy of life came fugacious and you have not noticed,while you were dreaming about your status in past , lying on the couch during that time .
And how many women are around, stucking in the “girl” waiting till being 50 years old for the prince on a white “Mercedes”, which will satisfy their needs! At that time when the “princes” of their age are looking for a reliable partner for life, which can be divided challenges and joy and trust of the business, they are played in the game “Guess what I want”, “You do not love me, I’m offended “and” If so, I do not need you. ” And women deprived themselves the joys of creating a strong family, joint projects and personal development in a relationship, while honest look in the mirror does not show that beauty and wisdom are not theirs trump card anymore.
The new time is coming quickly. And we need total awareness, to have time to react to changes. Notice that each new moment it is a new life, with new regulations and laws. That a partner nearby it’s a bottomless universe that you will never know, and you do not need to know .That your attraction is directly proportional to your depth and sincerity.
And let yourself from today to have a new rule: admit, that your soul knows everything. And the way you’re living someone else’s life, and how you are going against your own moral convictions, and how to create illusions. And if so, then there is not need any more! And you can easily see the truth. And to live by the laws of your own universe. With your joys and experiences. Moving, making mistakes, winning and realizing the experience. This is the Tantra.

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